Knowing to be unemployed since… being at school
Sunday, 01/11/2015
One part of students who have just sneakily played game or taken photo, video of teacher’s lecture by their phone at amphitheatre think that they have finished learning at university. So, the fact that they are unemployed is inevitable.

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In a recent national newspaper, there are more than 178.000 unemployed bachelors and the answer is the real of “abundant of teacher, lack of worker”. From that perception, public opinion is re-defining direction for their children towards apprentice to get a job or to go to university at all costs and accept the risk of unemployment. Why is bachelor unemployed?

Learning in the phone age

In the first day of new school year, I was shocked because of being so unexpected by the rapid development of society in general and IT in particular. When I stand in front of students to make lecture, there are a lot of students playing game sneakily; despite being reminded, “the gamers” don’t care. Whenever I project a lesson content onto the screen, dozens of, even hundreds of phones are lifted up to take photo of the slide. Nowadays, students are so lazy that they can’t take notes the lesson! But when teacher blames, most of students have their reason: “Nowadays, modern technology must be promoted, the age for taking note onto the notebook passed. I take picture of your lesson into my phone so that I have motivation to learn because I play with my phone all day, even I post to Facebook so that I can learn with my friends. If I take note onto notebook, I will not learn because I’m so lazy and my friends are, too…”

If students just go to school to play game and wait to take picture of lesson and think that they have finished university, sooner or later they will at least once join in the team of…unemployment, unless this student has his own “right process” theory. Because, knowledge is formed through hard work, including reading, writing, listening, speaking, debating and experimentation. Without knowledge, innovation doesn’t occur naturally.

From that, we can see that unemployment doesn’t happen naturally but it is the result of many causes. One of the reasons is that human resource doesn’t have enough requirements, qualifications, knowledge, theory and practice to meet the requirements of existing jobs or create new jobs. In order to avoid unemployment, each person is required to actively aware to self equip for themselves so that the innovation arises when there are conditions. Bringing knowledge is just like bringing two stone, even thought you walk in darkness, you can light up when meeting hay. Having a job is better than unemployed, even though it is just a bad job. Having knowledge but let yourself unemployed is just like bring the lighter but stand quietly in darkness, how can you find hay if you don’t walk.

There are a lot of jobs, but…

A job may need a lot of people to do but a man can also do many jobs. People create jobs through skill of taking opportunity. Life always raises demand to create new jobs (recently, public opinion surprised by the job of language training for ... dog with hundreds of million salary per month) or scale up existing work through opening more company, office or branch. So, if everyone is able to be aware of creating or expanding work for themselves, certainly the number of works is very high.

If we think by that way, unemployment is because there are many people who can’t create their own works and are lying to wait for abundant works that other people create. The more unemployment is, the bigger the number of lying and waiting person is.

I think the root cause of unemployment is lacking of theory, practice and creation. There is no ground to prove that having university certification but working as a worker is wasted, knowledge has intangible value and will be promoted in practice. People who don’t go to school working as a worker is just like a retriever ant, hard working is enough. But a person who graduated from university, if he has to work as a worker as a force of circumstance, he works better and catching faster than people who don’t go to school. If a worker is a without school worker, he has to work as a worker all his life, but a university graduated one who has to work as a worker because of circumstance, he will soon stop working as a worker to develop toward a higher step.

I do not agree with the opinion that having a university certification but working as a worker is shameful or wasted. It is lying idle to lead to unemployment that is shameful and wasted of human resource. Maybe nowadays, their jobs are not suitable to their certification and their gained knowledge, that is they are changing gradually for change. When that change has condition that is creation arises, better work occurs and they will love new works.

So, when still in school, each person has to self equip knowledge for themselves solidly (theory), after graduation, you should be ready to rub shoulders with any practical environment to seize opportunity for creation arising. It’s the best way to avoid unemployment and full development.

Masters Dang Hoang Vu (University Lecturer)

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