7 hurtful truth that students confront after graduating from university
Saturday, 14/11/2015

1. People often think that a student would have an easy life, got high salary if he had spent 4 years at university.

In fact: You have to consent with initiating salary at 2,5 million or 3 million dong and sometimes accept to work without receiving salary. Unfortunately, just a number of talented students can get high salary.
There is always a competition in finding jobs between newly graduated students. It’s not easy to find a suitable job. Therefore, a lot of students hide their certificates and accept to work as a worker to earn an amount of 5 – 6 million dong / month due to overtime wage.

2. Day dreaming about power of university degree

In fact: You are wrong. Examples shown on newspapers about the fact that students graduating with excellent level have to work as a maid or a worker. Nowadays, it’s extremely rare to prove meaning of the couple “university degree and good job”. It’s really hard to find a suitable job because most of good jobs need experienced and competent staff. Moreover, what you learn from university just matches 10% with reality.

3. You will become an active employee, have chances to travel, meet successful people and find appropriate jobs after graduating from university

In fact: You would feel lucky and be envied by others if you could find a job to feed yourself. You may take time to improve knowledge and skills. You may have chances to face successful entrepreneurs with kinds of people and sometimes it can make you sad. However, to find an appropriate job is very difficult and rare.

4. You always think that you’ll just apply to big companies or foreign ones after graduation

In fact: If you want to become staff at leading or foreign firms, you have to show off your extreme qualification, capacity, especially skills relating to foreign languages. Otherwise, you used to be an international student or must get a master degree already. It seems that there are few chances for you to enter that good environment and once you get that opportunity, you may face pressure and challenges around.

5. Imagine a bright outlook in the future with a cushy job and stable income after 4 years learning at university
In fact: Most of students spend “disillusion” stage when facing reality and think of nostalgic memories during studying time. The reason is that once you get a job, you should devote yourself completely to the work. Otherwise, if you are unlucky, you might be applying to a lot of companies but the probability of being called for an interview is really small. Furthermore, almost students like to change jobs frequently and desire to find better ones (except some stable jobs relating to state agencies).

6. Make sure that your future employer and colleagues will admire you when being introduced of your bachelor’s degree at good level

In fact: No one cares your material degree because it just proves that you are not illiterate. The issue that a recruiting officer cares is candidates’ working experiences. If you have just graduated from university, you are standing at starting point, which means that you should put your degree down and jump to job immediately.

7. You will get an appropriate job with what you learn at university after 4 studying years
In fact: A lot of students have to accept unsuitable jobs. You can’t be stubborn in finding a dreaming and appropriate job. Life changes every day, so you have to adapt yourself to new circumstances. The number of yearly unemployed students is not small. Whether you are a lucky factor between the crisis overwhelmed with manpower? Therefore, be ready for any job that needs staff!

Source: YBOX

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