But what are you really doing with it? Are you hoarding it away like a squirrel stashes nuts? Are you saving all that goodness for yourself? Are you using your expertise to further your own career without ever considering how it might help others?
One part of students who have just sneakily played game or taken photo, video of teacher’s lecture by their phone at amphitheatre think that they have finished learning at university. So, the fact that they are unemployed is inevitable.
You’ve just finished school and you stand at the cross-roads of life. The employment choices before you seem endless.
When Hao Anh was in distress, people rush to collect money for him. When Hao Anh did bad deed, people jumped in to deride him. People who offered him money regretted “If I had known, I would not have helped him”.
Since Paxomong found her voice, this little one has had a big impact.
Chung Tay Donation has been awarded 3rd prize in the Community Star Program 2015 which held by Metro Cash and Carry Vietnam.
After our recent field trip in order to survey for Chung Tay Donation’s scholarship at Nha Be, besides confirming the real difficulties which pupils are encountering so that we have a timely support for their uninterrupted studies; we also approached their penurious situations.
Seeing Tuyet Nhi in her house, it’s hard to realize that she had a serious and complicated surgery six months ago because of “Arteriovenous fistula”
A woman from nothern Hoa Binh Province is singing in public and selling toothpicks to try to earn enough money to support her ill twin daughters.
On the year-end day, CHUNG TAY Donation received a letter by Soeur Tinh from Hoa Binh Monastery, Bu Gia Map District, Binh Phuoc Province, where we had paid a visit 2 months before
A disabled boy in central Nghe An Province needs financial support to fulfil his ambitions to study

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