Choosing a career or picking a major/faculty in college or university of high-school students is big concern of society. When students enter high school, they have to identify specific major in order to choose suitable subjects accordingly. 
Through our discussions with students, we find out that they often choose their university or their future career based on what the majority choose rather than based on their own ability or their own wish. The mentality of just “picking” any university to register often happens at the end of the time when they have to submit their college or university’s application. Career guidance’s ineffectiveness (due to the lack of practical information) will not only cause those students to not able to excel their ability but also create depressing mentality or disappointments, lack of passion and  lack of long term commitment. This is indeed a time wasting for their family and the society and also creates a problem later on when their skills do not adapt to the requirements of businesses.
Hence the need to research for useful information about different colleges or universities as well as the requirements of the job market is not only for grade 12 students but also for students from grade 10 and grade 11. This will give students a chance to understand better and help guiding them to the right direction toward their career choice based on their ability, their passion and the suitability of different professions to them from an early age before they can start answer the below questions:
- What is the plan or career orientation ?
- Which university is suitable for their career choice?
Chung Tay Donation has launched a program that incorporates with high schools to organize Career Experience Sharing Workshop for high-school students as bellows:
- Old students from those high schools or volunteers who are currently working in different industries and possess more than 10 year experience can register to career counseling teams and give advice on professions that they are currently work in (or if they feel that they have useful experience and would like to share with the students)

- Through their own experience as well as the knowledge they gather throughout their working years, career counselor can answer student’s questions and from there sharing their experience with them. This will help those students to have a clearer understanding of the profession they wish to choose and therefore will be better prepared for their future career. Sharing their own experience is not giving good comment for this career or that career, simply giving students practicial information of career. 

- The content of each Career Experience Sharing Workshop will be noted and posted on Chung Tay Donation website ( Therefore, all students can view and check anytime they want.
Chung Tay Donation will also organize a question/answer section on the website so students can post their questions on it. Those questions will be sent to the suitable career guidance team so they provide the answers to students.


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