Time: July 16th, 2016
Location: Thien Duyen Orphanage, Phu Hoa Đong Commune, Cu Chi District, HCMC

At 8:30 AM Saturday, July 16th, members and teenagers of Chung Tay Donation arrived at Thien Duyen Orphanage. The arrival brought us a lot of different feelings because familiar faces made amazed things. Actually, each child expressed his/her own emotion as someone  held hand with us, other ones sat on our body, others did actions as well as unclear sound etc. to show their friendly greeting for us with their warm smiles.

When kids saw us, they quickly struck up conversations with us and told their daily stories in engrossed way. In addition, we spent time on playing and singing kid’s song together. The little girl who sang continuously song of number from 1 to 5. Especially, she could sing a baby to sleep. Children’s spontaneity attracted us to their quite simple and honest daily stories. Similarly, they did not hesitate to express their emotion for us with holding our hands, and normally sitting beside us to say something.

Furthermore, Muoi Mother shared the problems which the Orphanage has faced with us. However, she spent all time on doing business with different jobs to deal with these problems, and earn money for supporting the Orphanage. In fact, food as well as income of the Orphanage have based on vegetables and fruits which Muoi Mother and teenagers planted on a garden far from the Orphanage. Also, she and the Orphanage’s children made handmade products like key chain, toys, etc. for selling. Every morning, the children help the adults of the Orphanage sell noodle or fried noodle, serve customers, and clean bowls. Despite becoming dull of eyes at the age of 80, Muoi Mother spent her time on bringing up and taking care of unlucky children, disabled children and disadvantaged adults, and looking after homeless elderly people here.

Sympathizing with Muoi Mother, Chung Tay Donation continued to support essential items such as rice, instant noodle, nappy, and old clothes which members of Chung tay Donation collected for Thien Duyen Orphanage. Eventually, we hope these items will help children and elderly people in the Orphanage pass the lack of food and clothing.

Finance of the visited and presented to Thien Duyen Orphanage Program:

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